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My work emerges in a playful space of changing materials and techniques. Using sculpture, performance, film, installation, text, I engage with questions of identity, queer lifestyles and relationships – often with autobiographical references.

From 2013 to 2017 I was part of the artist network cobratheater.cobra. In this context, numerous performative and installative works have emerged that explore social contexts and living and working in groups. Today I still like working in cooperation with other artists.

My most recent explorations focus on ceramics. At the intersection of fine arts and crafts, traditionally considered “feminine” and thus devalued, I see the potential of ceramics to challenge a patriarchal understanding of art. In this sense, I understand pottery as part of my queerfeminist practice that questions value systems, gender-specific work and material hierarchies. By basing many of my ceramic objects on the idea of function and locating them between everyday life and art, decoration and resistance, they become representatives of a joyful, delicate and sometimes richly colored, polyphonic queer reality.