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Water Carriers

In collaboration with Anna Resei

MK&G, Hamburg, 2023

Photo: David Huss
Photo: David Huss
Photo: Henning Rogge

ceramic elements


In Collaboration with mit Franziska Gänsler, Lau Lukkarila, Lynn Takeo Musiol

Schauspielhaus, Hamburg, 2023

Photo: Doro Tuch
Photo: Doro Tuch
Photo: Doro Tuch
Photo: Doro Tuch
Photo: Doro Tuch
Photo: Doro Tuch
Photo: Doro Tuch

queer craft/ lesbian drama / HER*story


In collaboration with Artemis Kondyli Roussou, Fran Edgerley, Dorothee Halbrock, Hallo: e.V. / PARKS, POSSY, Nuriye Tohermes, Aska Welford and others

Schauspielhaus, Hamburg, 2023

Photo: Doro Tuch
Photo: Doro Tuch
Photo: Doro Tuch
Photo: Doro Tuch

Queer Commons

Pandora (Greek: all-giver, from pan ‘all-‘, ‘total’ and doron ‘gift’, also translated as ‘all-gifted one’) was the first FLINTA* created from clay. Endowed with all talents for the seduction of humankind, dey dismissed all the beautiful evils of the world, leaving only hope behind. The world in capitalism. Or was Pandora the deity of the earth after all, in whose earthen vessel were all the gifts necessary for life? And a few cis guys once again retold the story? What we know: Humans at some point came up with the idea to commodify the earth itself, that is, to make it a commodity and also to release it for destruction in this logic of ownership. Other people, non-binary counterparts and hopefully also deities, are at the same time committed to preserving commons and creating new ones –  sharing instead of exploiting, caring instead of dominating. The shape of these queer commons and how we can shape more is what we want to explore this evening, moving beyond the apathy of hope into non-binary space. In different modes of conversation, we will share transnational knowledge with each other, work together with the clay of the earth and on a ceramic sculpture, locate ourselves in the realities of the theater space, talk to each other, and hopefully end up dancing together.

Cruising Mythology

Les Dramaturx/Lynn Takeo Musiol



Working On You

In collaboration with Julia Tielke

Mikropol, Hamburg, 2022



Working On You is the disclosure of a dialogue between two artists whose work mutually influences and conditions each other, in which the reality of one, insidiously becomes the fiction of the other.

The exhibition is about relationships: Body and space, inside and outside, me and you. The half-fictional, half-documentary video material, which shows a woman over several years in her working and private life, is about the end of a queer love affair and the confrontation with it in her own artistic practice. Questions are raised about the limits of authorship and artistic continuity.

“A large room into which the sunlight falls. The windows are open. In front of the windows hang long, white curtains made of thin fabric. The wind pushes them lightly into the room. Everything is clean and tidy. We walk barefoot on the light floorboards. You stand at the window smoking a cigarette. You come out of the shower and your hair is wet. You are lying on the sofa reading a book. Your feet are on the backrest. There is a tall bookcase on the wall. You have read to me book after book from it over the years. I sit at the desk and watch the sun on the floorboard. I put my feet up on the warm spots.”

In collaboration with Julia Tielke

Lesbian Dreams Come True

In collaboration with Sofia Artemis Kondyli Roussou

Galerie Genscher, Hamburg, 2022


The true feminist deals out of a lesbian consciousness whether or not she ever sleeps with women. (Audre Lorde)

Lesbian photography, lesbian ceramics, lesbian food.

Curated by Philomena Lauprecht in Galerie Genscher

Ceramics and Flowers

for Where People Meet People

By Hayato Mizutani

Planten un Blomen, Hamburg, 2021


“A large table with a diameter of 15 meters. A table where people can meet other people. I dream of a common get-together without obligations, but with the possibility of encounters.”

Hayato Mizutani


In collaboration with Julia Tielke and Maria Umbach

Stadtteilzentrum KroKus, Hannover, 2018


Kronsberg becomes Held:innenhood, in which all the disappeared, forgotten or yet undiscovered heroines are at home. Most of them are everyday heroines. In a flashy outfit, Kronia wanders through the district and gets into conversation with different women who live there. In short, comic-like videos, Kronia’s adventures on the Kronsberg are presented in an exhibition at the end of the residence. The resulting videos are brightly colored windows through which we look behind the everyday life of the city and discover special women and their superpowers in amazement.



To Comfort You, Nina

Absolvent:innenausstellung HFBK Hamburg, 2018



In collaboration with Charlotte Eifler, Gesine Hohman und Hilkje Kempka

Uferstudios, Berlin, 2017


Overlying. Outlying. Practise lying. We have made a sensational discovery that will knock your socks off. The missing piece of the puzzle has been found. We invite you to the lie counter and turn water into wine. Speculative, digital, sporty.

A work by cobratheater.cobra


Archiv für Schönheit und Verlust

In collaboration with Anne Brammen, Hilkje Kempka, Maria Umbach

Uferstudios/Parkaue Berlin, 2016 — 2017


A place where stories of loss are collected, a place where farewells are celebrated, a place where you come out more beautiful than you went in.

The flea market as an allegory of farewells, provides the framework for a space that is laboratory and beauty studio in one. Here, losses are anonymously recorded, categorized and archived, hands washed and nails painted. A fragile floating map of farewell is created.

A year later, the archive is opened. In collaboration with the neighborhood of the Uferstudios Berlin, a polyphonic sound collage develops that bundles the collected losses of the previous year into a net-like listening station.

A work by cobratheater.cobra, created in the context of AUSUFERN